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Here´s your chance to have your skin looking flawless for the most important day/s of your life!

Anna will bring out your natural beauty by using her Signature Style and repetoir of makeup techniqes.

About Me

From a young age Anna has been addicted to fashion & beauty! She began her journey by graduating at Kyiv University in the Ukraine. Anna has a Masters Degree as a Style and Face-Art designer in the field of fashion & beauty.

Her career actually begun as a model agency manager back in the Ukraine. From a young age, Anna has always wanted to use her talents to make her clients feel great about themselves.

Being a ‘self-driven’ individual, Anna started her very own business in the fashion industry back in 2010. When Anna reached 28 years of age, she made a choice to specifically target the makeup industry, knowing that she had so much to offer her clients.

Anna learnt many techniques from Olga Basovich (one of the Ukraine´s leading makeup artists) and instantly gained success with the application of her LA style makeovers.

Her appearances on numerous social media platforms have provided Anna with a well established online presence.

This incredibly talented makeup artist is based in Sydney and is available for domestic onsite call-outs.

Let Anna bring out your own natural beauty! She will utilize her signature style and repetoir of techniques to highlight and contour your face. Anna will have your skin looking flawless for the most important days of your life!

If you would like to see what Anna´s clients are saying about her incredible skills, please take a look at her Client Testimonials below. If you are ready to be transformed, see Anna´s SERVICES page

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